Falling in Love?

How do you fall in love.

Do you fall on your back or with your face to the ground.

What makes you fall.

Do you trip over a stone or do you get pushed.

Clearly I am clueless.

I haven’t fallen in love before.

I can’t even afford to.

Like if I do fall who will pick me up.

My health insurance expired, how will I foot the bill.

Not to talk of heartbreak; I sure can’t handle that!

I mean I won’t be thinking straight.

I’d constantly daydream.

Y’all falling in love is expensive.

So expensive it might cost me my dreams and goals.

And those for me are huge.

Well love, I won’t be falling anytime soon.

I’ve got my head in the game; I am on team focus and I will be calculating my every step so I don’t fall.

2 thoughts on “Falling in Love?

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