Beauty in Personality

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder or so they say, but if that statement holds, then I guess we women try too hard these days. Honestly, way too hard.

With each and every passing day comes new ways of enhancing physical beauty. From my stand point, the beauty industry is the faster growing industry.

Looking good makes you feel good about yourself no doubt but it should never be at the expense of the inward beauty. There is a lot of light and glow in a beautiful personality and it’s a shame we do not focus on enhancing that to be at power with our outward beauty.

A beautiful face and body can get you through the door but a beautiful personality is what will keep you in the door. As we spend time and money on our outward appearance, let’s do same to our personality. Beauty with brains and a good personality is a triple threat.

A beautiful face and body one can buy but a good brain and personality is priceless.

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