The clock kept ticking,
And we kept standing.
Dancing to the tune,
Because we didn't have a clue.
Like puppets in the hands of 
the hands of the puppeteer.
Our stories were told from 
their view point.
They controlled our emotions.
Making us mediocre as they 
laughed at our helplessness.
We were the joke, the joke was
on us.
No more! Time's Up.
Time's up because this time it's
This time is for Us.
This time we rise Up.
We rise to the oppression.
We rise above depression.
Time's up, we are taking a 
stand for truth.
Time is up to cut off the 
strings that controls us as 
Time's up. Time for freedom.
Time's up to hear the voices.
Voices that were silenced.
Time's up to end the cycle.
This time for good.
We will not hold back.
We will not give up.
This is long overdue.
For we now have a clue.
Rise Up! Time's Up.

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