One on One Interview

Buckle up people! Today is an interview day. I am always pumped up when I get to interact with creative persons who are doing what they love for the right reasons. I had a one on one discussion with an underground talent who happens to do music. This is how the conversation went down.

Me: Thank you for honouring my invitation.

Guest: Thank you for having me.

Me: I will like to go straight into the discussion. What is your stage name?

Guest: My birth name is Nana Kwesi Kingsford-Adaboh but Wavy is my stage name. Wavy means fly or cool in modern urban dictionary and that’s just me in person.

Me: How long have you been doing music?

Guest: I have been writing music since I found out I had the talent somewhere around age 10, I started listening to hip hop about age 13 and my craft drifted more towards the hip hop, rap genre.

Me: Why music?

Guest: Erhm…. Because music is music…. Lol. I have the passion for it so I decided to make it a hobby and have fun with it. I am not aiming to go mainstream. I just want to churn out good music.

Me: What is the inspiration for your music?

Guest: Everything is my inspiration. I look at music like a composition in an English class. Sometimes a teacher asks you to write about a place you visited and you actually write about a place purely from imagination and experience. That is how music is, you can be rapping about love or heartbreak when really, you haven’t experienced it personally. My inspiration basically is expressing my thoughts and opinions into lyrical contents.

Me: Which musician(s) do you look up to?

Guest: hahaha….. Erhm! This question…. I look up to a lot of artistes, most of them are foreign based like, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, T.I and Sarkodie. These artistes inspire me on different levels at different times and I am like a nicely woven fabric of them all with a touch of my originality.

Me: How many songs do you have to your credit.

Guest: I have 17 songs so far to my credit, most of which I recorded with my partner in crime; Marvel Jay, a very talented young guy and a good friend of mine. We had a mixtape together back in 2014(The Takeover). I am currently working on my Motivation mixtape. Hustle featuring YN the Afropikin has been released as the first single from the Motivation mixtape available on SoundCloud.

Me: Who would you like to have a collaboration with?

Guest: Marvel Jay everyday, any day, all year. I am almost always working with him and would still want to work with him.

Me: What are your social media handles?

Guest: FB: Nana Kwesi Adaboh-Kingsford,, Twitter:@de_wavy_one and SoundCloud: Nana Adaboh Kingsford.

Me: Where can we get your songs.

Guest: All my songs are available on my SoundCloud page. Http:// I have more amazing music coming soon, stay glued.

Me: We look forward to that and wish you the very best on your music journey. It’s been great interacting with you.


I got him to use my filters, something he never does.

There you have it. Do well to check his music on SoundCloud and add some good music to your playlist.

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