Without Regret

Regret is a part of human life, it is to some extent inevitable but avoidable too. I have had my fair share of regrets but there is one that hit me so hard, I am still paying for. It was after that, I decided not to take anything likely, not living anything to chance anymore.

I have come to the realisation that life doesn’t give you what you deserve but rather what you fight for. After learning the hard way, I am so on guard. My warrior mood is activated daily.

As human as we are, we often are vulnerable to fear and uncertainty which cripples our drive to go for what we want. However, it is more difficult to live with the regret of constantly saying, “had I known” and “what if’ than it is to take that leap of faith and no matter the outcome you have the satisfaction that at least you tried, you gave it your best shot.

You will win some and loose some. What you will win or loose you can’t really tell until you play. Always put your game face on, play this game of life. Play fair but play hard. There is always a lesson to learn.

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