Afro is 1.

A year sure does come quickly. It feels like just yesterday when I took the step to make my writing more public than private and I have never looked back since. The journey so far has been really great.

Well, I obviously had days I didn’t feel like writing and days I just wanted to keep to myself but I guess that’s pretty normal. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step for sure and this step of mine has paid off. I am more fulfilled than I was a year ago.

I couldn’t have come this far without some loyal friends, followers and new friends I acquired because of this journey. The encouragement has been really amazing.

The 24 of January means a lot to me. It is the day my best friend was born, the day I lost my beloved father, the day I created Afro387 and just might be the day I get married.

The journey has only began for me and as long as God keeps granting me life, I will keep at it and get better each passing day.

Happy birthday Afro387, happy birthday buddy, RIP dad.

Love, Afrobae.

6 thoughts on “Afro is 1.

  1. I’m flipping through my calendar right now looking for a 24th January that’ll fall on a Saturday(for the wedding) and it’s not soon enough for me😀
    Happy birthday, babyAfro😊. Happier birthday to you, buddy (I do not know 😊) and RIP daddy (I’ve had to say so myself)
    I’m glad to know you and your work, hun. And with God on our sides, we’ll definitely do exploits.

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  2. OK so this is what I have to say on your 1 year anniversary…… Afro387 has been putting out so really incredible stuff,well as stated earlier it began with a step and very proud of how far you have come…..long life and creative thoughts and writings fall on you….
    You are definitely a winner

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  3. It was a great moment of my life when I first spoke to the brian behind afro387. TRUST ME, IT WAS. Just filled with fire and zeal.
    Afro387, I pray the world comes in contact with the “BURN UP CRUSADE”.
    More grace afro387, more fulfilment, greater exploits.
    Afro387 is 1 and she is here to stay.

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