I haven’t posted anything about food in a long while. Today’s is one that carries a lot of memories for me and will for sure make my top five favorite foods list.

Growing up, before I knew what a cake was, 3to was what my siblings and I ate on our birthdays decorated with lots of eggs. I have grown with it and adopted as my birthday ritual.

3to is a very simple meal prepared from basic ingredients yet very tasty. You only need onions, pepper, salt, palm oil, boiled eggs and the main ingredient boiled plantain or yam. I always opt for yam, I am a yam kinda girl.

The steps are easy; boil yam or plantain in salt water, grind onions and pepper, add boiled yam or plantain and mash together with the grounded onions and pepper. Stir fry sliced onions in palm oil, pour onto the mashed mixture and mix evenly.

Serve with some boiled eggs. Voila, enjoy!

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