A mess is what you see, filthy.

Filthy unpleasant to the eyes.

Eyes can be very judgemental and presumptuous.

Presumptuous of all that is visible.

Visible to mere eyes, not that of love.

Love the eyes that see beyond all that is visibly wrong.

Wrong are the flaws, the spots, the weakness and shortcomings.

Shortcomings that leads to falling short.

Falling short in the eyes of love are building blocks.

Blocks stacked piece by piece to form a masterpiece.

A masterpiece from flaws, spots, weakness and shortcomings to form a picture that is perfect.

Perfect from the on set, in the eyes of love.

Eyes of love not love is blind.

Love is blind see’s right as wrong and filth as clean.

Clean and pure is the eyes of love, for it see’s all that is wrong and still loves anyway.

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