Twin Wish


I have always wished to be a twin for whatever reason. Twins are just fascinating. The idea of having a pair who looks and is like you but different at the same time is mind boggling.

I know there are non-twin siblings who are as close as twins but to me it still isn’t the same. Twins are like buy one get one free, a best friend for life, you will never walk alone partner, your jerry if you’re a tom or your tom if you are Jerry.

My obsession is so strong that since I wasn’t born a twin, I might as well marry one so I can have twin babies. I have given my obsession a thought and think it stems from the fact that I am a freaking weirdo and I have struggled in maintaining relationships because most people just don’t get me, neither my views or thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, but I love this about me. Having a twin will mean someone who gets me, maybe not always but is still around. I like being goofy and there is nothing better than someone who is on the same “goofiness” level.  It’s also fun and nice when people can’t tell you apart.

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