We all are in the new year’s spirit, one by one as days turns into weeks and weeks months, we begin to face life and settle often forgetting our resolutions.

Resolutions works for some and other’s not so much. For those it works for are those who are able to keep tab religiously. I presume we all have some kind of resolutions whether consciously or unconsciously.

I was not able to write down any resolutions for this year; I didn’t want to anyway. However, some of my resolutions for the past year were resolved, thanks to God. For those unresolved, am going to keep at it until they are resolved.

Nevertheless, in my subconscious, I resolve to being a better devotee of Christ, a better daughter, a better sister, a more caring friend, a concerned citizen; in summary just a better person than I was last year.

Do you have a resolution? How do you see it through.

Kindly share if you can.

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