Every child after watching a cartoon or movie about super heroes want to be one. Some go to the extent of pulling the stunts they witnessed. I’ve had my fair share.

I remember watching Jackie Chan, marvel characters and co. and by the time the movie ends I will be feeling so powerful. I realised I really wanted to be a super hero or have super powers when I began looking for spiders to bite me so I can turn into spider woman. Yeah, I was obsessed like that. Please don’t laugh at me.

Am I a super hero? Maybe not. Do I possess super powers? Most definitely. I have the super power of writing. Not many people can put down their thoughts or be creative with words. I also have the super power of humour. I can make people laugh without a hassle.

We all have super powers. It may not be like those we see on TV. Let’s be real those are just fiction. That thing you are really good at, that special something which sets you apart is your super power. Harness it, develop it, use it for good and cause a change.

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