Favourite time of year, December. Year after year I thought I will grow out of my excitement for Christmas, however, the child in me can’t help but be giddy anytime the season is near. When you’ve had many memorable Christmases from childhood, you certainly cannot wait till the next one.

Whereas I try not to downplay the true essence of the season, the part that sincerely excites me is the food, decor and carols. This is the one time you get to eat meals that you rarely do on a normal day, heart soothing carols you hear at this time of year and the green and red colours you can’t miss.

In my early years, Christmas was about the excitement of getting to wear new clothes. Even till this day my mum makes sure of that. Why won’t I get giddy? As the years went by, so did the people I celebrate Christmas with. I am not really bothered cause I get to be the boss. Yeah, am in charge of what I eat, wear, drink and so on. Erhm! In charge to some extent. When you have a mother who calls to give you hints, you can’t be in full control.

As I countdown to Christmas, I am also counting down to when I have a family of my own to begin new Christmas traditions with. In the meantime, I am having a ball.

Ho ho ho!

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