A mother daughter relationship is one of the most priceless and beautiful relationships of womankind.

From what I have seen and know, when a mother has a little girl to parent, she impacts and instills values that will help her daughter fit in with society and ensure that she stands out wherever she finds herself. The lessons are from personal hygiene through taking care of a household to character building and self worth.

It is at this stage that daughters idolise their mothers and wish to be like them as they grow older and also discover their own path. Here is the interesting part. When a girl is in her late teens, the relationship between she and her mother begins to metamophosize into that of sisters and the bond becomes stronger.


Before this stage a daughter was looking up to her mother, but at the climax of the sisterhood stage, a mother and daughter are more like friends. This is where you see  mothers copying their daughters especially their fashion sense. I have witnessed mothers who went natural because their daughters did or opted for a perm cut just because their daughters wear a perm cut. They can even go to the extent of decorating their house like that of their daughters. Perfect example of a student surpassing her teacher. It sometimes become unbearable when they vent to their daughters about something someone did; you dare not take sides.

Don’t you just love a mother and daughter relationship?

Shout outs to my momma!

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