We may be ordinary, 
but not our lives. 
We are not just passersby, 
neither are we chaff in the 
We are game changers.
Better believe it.

Sticks and stones may break our
bones not our hearts.
The rhythmic beating of our 
hearts will keep us going.
Defying all odds to attain our
Better believe it.

When we are down and broken,
still we carry our heads above
our shoulders.
Picking ourselves up as we dust 
of the dirt to forge forward.
Better believe it.

We have a dream.
It doesn't matter how long it 
We will take a step at a time
but we will never quit.
We will keep the flame of hope 
alive until we get there.
Better believe it.

We came as ordinary infants,
but trust that we will not 
leave as we came.
The curtains will close with 
standing ovations as our names 
go down in history.
Better believe it.

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