There is this break up aftermath speculation that is gradually becoming a canker. It’s just absurd.

The theory is this, after a break up from a serious relationship, the next relationship right after is just an excuse to get over the previous one which is popularly called “rebound”. A rebound therefore is the person who helps you or better yet someone you use to get over an ex and it’s destined to fail.

The myth here is that the first relationship right after a break up is nothing serious but what counts is the subsequent relationship after the rebound.

Now my take. People are always in a hurry to jump right into a new relationship after a break up mostly for the wrong reasons. Some do so just to get back at their ex or prove some point and this is just selfish; playing with another’s feelings.

Nothing compares to a natural remedy. After a break up, work on yourself, take the time to heal, eventually learn from it and move on.

When next you want to use someone as a rebound, think of how you will feel if you were just a rebound to another.


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