Have you bought too many shoes in a short time span and you tell yourself, “OK, that’s way too many shoes for just two feet”, but then you see a shoe you like so much and you lecture yourself on the reasons why you don’t need that shoe? I have been there and done that.

Do you sometimes look at your pictures and say, “damn, you’re beautiful or handsome”. Hell yeah! Been there, done that. Totally guilty.

Do you know that feeling? Where you are doing something wrong and it feels like someone is watching you but you are the only one in the room or wherever. I have been there, done that and boy that feeling is creepy.

You know when you wake up from sleep and smell that cooking is going on but you go back to sleep or pretend to be sleeping because you don’t want to help out? Yum! Been there, done that.

2 thoughts on “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.

  1. You know the feeling you get from knowing you’ve got a special someone where your world revolves around them?
    Uh-huh! You guessed right.
    Been there; and most certainly, done that!


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