The biggest street art festival in west Africa is undoubtedly chale wote. Chale wote is a Ga word which literally means buddy let’s go and it is also the local name for local bathroom slippers. Ga is the language spoken by the people of Greater Accra in Ghana.

Chale wote since it’s inception in 2011 has become an annual event held on the streets of Jamestown in Accra. In the early years of chale wote, it was just a day or two event but until recently, it has become a week long program which portrays all forms of art from graffiti, spoken word, photography, musical performances, dance, sports, fashion and a lot more.


This year’s chale wote marked the seventh anniversary and begun on August 14 and the climax on August 20. It looks like the chale wote brand is here to stay and can only get bigger and better.


If you have neither heard of chale wote before or have never attended, kindly mark it on your calendar and be a part next year.


Chale wote; buddy let’s go!




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