Life could have been a lot easier if we could control people and things as per our preference but in reality, it’s contrary. We do have control but that is only to an extent.

What to do? Since our control is limited, we cannot control other people and their behaviour pattern. We can only control our behaviour and emotions. While this may sound pretty simple and concise it really is not. This kind of control comes with years of practice and resilience, however, once mastered becomes a virtue.

We live, interact and do business with people. This very people are from all works of life with varying behaviour patterns and what they consider norm, as such we are bound to be offended by one thing or the other. Why be offended when when you can choose to ignore or overlook or better still interpret in a non offensive manner.

I know your thoughts, ” you can’t keep overlooking, it’s best to let them know what they are doing wrong “. True, but not always so. There are random people we meet once in a lifetime, like a careless driver, a rude vendor and so on we cannot just allow such to ruin our mood or day.

If we all begin to control our own behaviour and emotions, then the world would be a more tolerant place for us all.

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