I hate you so much yet I married you; see how much I love you!

You love me so much yet you keep hurting me.

I want to leave but still I stay.

You want to stay but it feels like you left.

Ironies, where black is white and white is black,

Where truth is lie and lie truth.

Actions speak louder than words but words weigh more.

Not all that glitters is gold, need I say more?

The eye is the window to the soul,

The mouth speaks what the heart is full of,

The heart feels what the eyes can’t see.

Ironies, what to do?

Left or right?

When your left is my right and my right your left.

Ironies, what to choose?

When actions implies one thing and words say another.

Ironies, contradictions or misconceptions?

Perceptions or illusions?

Word play or mind slay?

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