We once walked on the same path 
that led to different directions.
Despite how far our paths led and 
how apart we were from each other,
We found our way back.
Call it coincidence or fate.
There's been high's and low's,
Pats and blows.
Whatever the case, lights will 
guide us home.
Memories dent in our minds,
Bonds engraved in our hearts,
Playback like it was just yesterday.
Didn't matter where we left off,
We will always return to pick up 
the pieces. 
Old friends are the best.
True that!
If's and if not's,
Why's and why not's,
But's, could's and would's.
We let go of all that is lost and 
cherish what is.
And lights will guide us to the 
The future, we know not what it 
But we can only trust and hope 
for better, longer lasting ties.
Silly codes and open jokes,
Must say we've come a long way.
From conference calls to long 
Ah! Gone are the days.
Reminiscing in clouded eyes,
In smiles and tears,
Mixed feelings perhaps.
One step at a time,
One day after the next.
For sure lights will lead us on 
the path that is right.
Whatever the path may be,
We will be alright,
Cos just like a cirlce, we will 
go round but certainly get back 
to where we left off.
And that is the bond we share,

#afrobae   #deewryts

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