This week has been a challenging one for me. Joggling every other thing that i do and blogging is not that easy and simple but I made a committment to do it.


I have ideas and captions that I need to write and develop into stories and poems but I just can’t get over my block. For those who do not know what a writer’s block is, a writer’s block is when a writer just can’t complete a piece or to some extent even start a new piece. Sometimes the idea is there in your head like in my case but you just cannot translate it into words. Other times, it is just a lack of inspiration. A writer’s block could be likened to creative constipation.

My head feels heavier than usual because I have a lot on my mind but I still want to write because that is my safety nest. Writing is more like my best friend. I write about anything and everything and so it is very frustrating that I have to go through this challenge of creativity.


The best cure for a writer’s block is an open air space. The beach cures my block but I can’t afford the time. Someone will say if you have a writer’s block, how did you write about it then? Well writing about my writer’s block is easy because am not doing much thinking. I am only writing about how I feel and I don’t have to worry about  rhyming or being creative with words. I just have to go with the flow.

Last week was one of my best weeks with Afro387 because I went out of my comfort zone to do and write about things I don’t usually do and I guess that drained me a great deal.

I have received couple of thumbs up and well wishes from my readers and followers and that is what keeps me going. Remember me in your prayers and thoughts while I find ways to cure my writer’s block so I can continue to serve you with the best of me in the days,weeks,months and years to come God willing. In the meantime, keep the likes, comments, and suggestions coming in.

Yours truly, Afro bae.


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