I wonder who came up with this weird name for such a sumptuous meal. Mpotompoto literally means mash mash, which explains the name because mpotompoto has a lot to do with mashing ingredients.

The whole idea behind this meal is boiling your diced yam or cocoyam together with tomatoes, onions and pepper and then grinding or blending the onion, tomatoes and pepper when tender to be strained or poured back into the pot of boiling yam or cocoyam, don’t forget your salt or seasoning. The yam or cocoyam is mashed with a laddle when cooked in the pot. Now this is just a brief of how mpotompoto is prepared.



While some use either cocoyam or yam, others use a combination of both or even Irish or sweet potatoes. The good thing about this meal is that you can either start from scratch or start off from your leftover soup, that is lightsoup or even palmnut soup.

You certainly will need some protein in your mpotompoto and dried fish or smoked fish will do the trick, tuna and salmon wouldn’t be a bad combo. The icing on mpotompoto is your palm oil and that is ¬†the very last ingredient needed but not too much of it though. To make your mpotompoto colourful, you can add spinach a.k.a kontomire, cabbage or lettuce to give it the garnishing factor.

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