The gentleman in the photo with me is called Michael and he sells roasted plantain at spanner junction or Accra mall junction right under the foot bridge. I must confess, I was a bit skeptical about approaching him because I did not know how he would react to me taking a picture of him and posting it on mg blog but he did surprise me with his calm persona.



Michael is the first child of six siblings and he has three daughters of his own. Indulging him about why he sells roasted plantain, he said he has sold all sort of items from sachet water to cocoa drink but his inner man told him to try roasted plantain and that is why he is selling roasted plantain. I tried finding out whether he enjoys what he does and his response was quite touching. He actually enjoys what he does because he is able to carter for his three daughters and he really doesn’t mind if he has to become a head porter(kayayo) just so he can provide for them. His reason for dressing smartly as a roasted plantain seller is just a feeling of his. Michael’s wish for his daughters is to see them at a stage where they can support themselves and not become victims of abuse or circumstances.

He went on to comment about the recent suicides of young girls and his take on it was that it is as a result of lack of parental care and love, and I agree because parent this days put way too much pressure on their wards to become this or that instead of finding out what they want to do and guiding them in pursuit of their dreams. Nonetheless, it still doesn’t justify attempting let alone actually committing suicide. He also gave relationship advice. According to him, young people this days date in secret instead of acquainting themselves with the family of their partner’s.


The beauty of life is turning your struggles into joy. We all go through life with certain challenges but what makes us different is how we scale over those hurdles or situations. Sixty years on as a country and we still go about complaining and blaming government for everything that goes wrong in our lives, even those that we know were caused by our own negligence. We cry for jobs and when we get them we report late, stare at our phones and PCs, steal office supplies and so on. Sixty years on, it’s time for us as a people to get up, rise and take action. No government can make our dreams a reality. The most they can do is put the right systems and structures in place but the greater work load is on us. Wild fire begins as a harmless spark. “Let us be citizens and not spectators “- President Akuffo Addo. Do what you can in your little corner and when the time is right, you will blossom for all to see. It will not be easy, anything easy is not permanent but it sure will be worth it. We make the nation. We are Ghana.

#suicide is not an option.

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