Hello food lovers, another Monday is here again and to get through the week you need to eat right. That is why waakye is my food of choice today.


(bicolor sorghum leaves)

There is waakye and there is waakye and no, the two are not the same. Waakye is prepared from rice, beans and bicolor sorghum leaves cooked together. Waakye is perfect for whatever time of day.

Waakye is easy to prepare but one mistake can ruin the entire dish. Here are some quick steps to get the perfect waakye.

Wash and boil beans with enough water for 30 minutes. Wash and add sorghum leaves to the boiling beans. Add bicarbonate soda to help soften the beans and bring out the distinct color, this is however optional. Take out the sorghum leaves after 10 minutes. Wash and add rice to the beans when it is almost cooked. Add some more water if the water is not enough to get both the rice and beans cooked. Add salt, stir and allow to cook. You know your waakye is ready when the rice and beans are evenly cooked and all the water is absorbed.


FB_IMG_1486740978991Waakye is not complete without shito, stew, salad, spaghetti,gari and fish,meat,egg, or wele(cowhide). If you have all of these with your waakye then your waakye is truely complete but you can do away with some of the above but shito or stew or both is a must.

I am an occasional waakye eater but I know people who wouldn’t mind eating waakye from Monday to Friday. Life is tasty with waakye. Have a waakye week.


Comments, likes,suggestions are welcomed.


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