It happened in seconds,
As though time was sprinting.
Just like in the movies,
All was still and only we were 
Hours became minutes,
As we became Romeo and Juliet.
Ties that bind.

But just as Romeo and Juliet,
We fight for the ties that binds 
We wish for happily ever after,
But before that is war in love.
The ties that binds us is 
stronger than tidal waves.
We fall but again we rise.

Ties that bind.
Even when the umbilical cord is 
A mother is still connected to 
her child.
Even when we fight and throw 
Even then are we more united.

Ties that bind,
Two hearts as one,
You and I,
Together forever,
Until the last breathe,
But even thereafter,
The ties still bind.

Ties that bind,
Is more than meets the eye,
Transcends feelings and emotions.
Ties that bind is a committment.
You chose me, so I choose you.
Come what may,
As long as God gives breathe,
Our ties will get depths.

As certain as sun rise,
We will stumble but still rise.
As the moon appears at night,
The ties that binds us will be
Our light.
Through blizzards and brimstones,
We know this journey won't be a 
stone's throw.
But for the ties that binds us,
We won't let go.

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