It is obvious that we all have some sort of fear and at a certain degree. Fear is not the problem but how to overcome that fear is all that really matters. I for one have a phobia of heights and I find it frightening when am looking down a storey building.

A phobia can be natural or psychological, however, there are particular fears that have lasting negative impact on our lives. People generally and genuinely have dreams,aspirations and ideas they will like to embark on or pursue but the one thing that holds them back is fear.

Now fear causes more harm than anticipated. Just take a minute to imagine what the world would be like if all the greatest inventions did not exist because those who had the dream and idea feared failure. The world would still be in darkness, travelling by foot and on camels or horses.

Some few years back, I resolved to letting go of my fears and taking chances because I only have one life to live. I mean think about it, fear is self inflicted. We keep telling ourselves we cannot do this or that or when we do this or that the outcome may be sour. If you try and it doesn’t work, what do you really have to loose; you get up re-strategise and try again.

We live life building all sorts if imaginary walls to protect ourselves from growing up and taking charge of our lives but in actual fact, we are killing and burying our potentials and the consequences of that is severe. If the airplane was not built, there would be no pilots or even airports neither will we have entertainers without the television. Let this be your inspiration, our purposes are intertwined and you failing to do your part is placing someone at the disadvantage.

We go through life with regrets and “had I knowns” but the fact is we knew and could have avoided the regrets but we were too scared to set the ball rolling. I am glad to say that my fears are behind me and am pursuing my dreams. I have pride in trying, taking a chance and see how far my dreams can take me. The experience and lessons alone are priceless and that is the beauty of life.

Dear readers, identify your fears, embrace them and find ways to conquer them because you, yes you are more fearful than your fears. Do not entertain fear, it’s an enemy.

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