Kontomire stew otherwise known as palava sauce is an indigenous sauce particular to the Ghanaian people.

Kontomire is basically a green leaf, cocoyam leaf to be precise. The leaf is a very good source of vitamin A. In some parts of the world it is called spinach or kale.

There are two ways kontomire stew can be prepared; the local method and the exotic method.  Your selection of ingredients will depend largely on the method you choose. I prefer the local method because it is easy,fast and more healthy because it uses less oil and heat.



Which ever kontomire stew you decide to prepare can best compliment boiled yam,plantain or rice but not limited to just those. Africans are tagged to feed on mostly carbohydrates and as this is true, it is not entirely true. We use our vegetables to the best of our abilities.

The kontomire leaf can be incorporated in soups as well and that is a menu for another day. Some necessary tips when dealing with kontomire is to be cautious when handling the leaf because it is very itchy and can cause irritability to the skin so it is advisable to protect your hands. Also, the leaf should be carefully washed with salt solution twice preferably.

Kontomire stew is to die for, try it if you haven’t.

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