Hunger is painful, I know I cannot stand hunger, however, hunger is good. Today’s write up is not about hunger related to food. This hunger is an insatiable need for an accomplishment of some sort.

Hunger is a great stimulant. It propels you to fight for what you want,  be it a better life or relationship or whatever. Any individual who does not hunger for something is not really living. Hunger is a silent motivational speaker that edges you on when thrown a curve ball and you think you are at the verge of a break down.

If you are not hungry for something, you might as well settle for anything. Life does not give you what you deserve but what you fight for. Let your hunger fuel you to your destination of self actualisation. Yearn for success, strive for advancement and do not be a companion to mediocrity. Apathy will get you nowhere either but hunger will take you a step further to your dreams.

photocredit: urban samurai

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