When it comes to waist beads, I just don’t know whether to call it an accessory or a tradition. Waist beads are worn by females, both young and old. As per what i was told, the waist beads are worn on the waist to enhance the curves and serves as a weight checker because when you gain weight the beads will be tight on your waist and when you loose weight, the beads will sag.

The most interesting part is that men like women who wear beads. For whatever reason that is, I have no clue and I don’t even know what they use the beads for. I took the liberty of finding out the opinions of some men and women on the waist beads. To my surprise, the women had no special reasons for wearing the beads aside the reasons already stated earlier and the men also like women who wear beads just because they are attracted to it but they could not tell me how it attracts them.

There are different sizes, colors, and design of the waist beads. Those who trade in waist beads are making a lot of money out of it. One line of the beads can cost about 20cedis but this price is relative to the size and design of the beads which means it can cost more and the beads are worn in twos upwards depending on who is wearing it.

There is just one problem that I have with waist beads and that is, it can draw lines in certain clothes especially fitting clothes and it can sometimes pop out from under garments and cause a stare.

To my dear ladies, wear beads for the right reasons and in the right way. If there is any other reason for waist beads aside those that I have given, please do well do drop a comment.
















3 thoughts on “WAIST BEADS

  1. I’m not particularly curvaceous. I wear them to feel sexy. The other perks for me is just to know when I’m losing or gaining weight. But really it just gives me some confidence in my femininity.

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