This week on food train, am taking you on a jollof ride. Jollof rice is basically rice and stew cooked together. We still don’t know whether Nigerian jollof tastes better than Ghana jollof or vice versa because both countries are being baised but which ever jollof it is, so long as it is prepared right, it sure will taste great.

African men have coined their own proverb and i quote, “a woman who can cook good jollof is worth marrying because such a woman has a lot of patience”. They say so because jollof requires patience to prepare and I agree to some extent because if you want to get it right, you will need patience.

The preparation of jollof rice is quite simple and straight forward but requires mastering. Basically, all you need for your jollof rice are the basic ingredients you will use for your gravy stew or sauce,rice and the source of protein of your choice (beef,chicken,gizzard or whatever you prefer).


For the perfect jollof rice, I believe you need some secret ingredients but am not sharing mine here. I will be open to share it privately though. Personally, I believe the time or day to have jollof rice is when it rains because I always crave for jollof when it rains.

My advice to jollof rice lovers is pretty simple, do not judge jollof by it’s look because a perfect looking jollof can taste like stones and a not so perfect looking jollof can taste like the one.

Have a great food week!


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