Africa has a very rich culture with every cultural heritage pertaining to a particular group of people. Friday has officially become the day of week when we can adorn ourselves in our traditional attire and as such I am writing about two items in the African tradition that has been with us for the longest time and cannot be left out in any traditional or cultural function.


The first item is the traditional African sandals “Ahenema”. Ahenema in Akan literally means children of royalty. It is no surprise that we Africans are royals. The Ahenema until some decades ago was solely worn by traditional rulers (Kings and Queenmothers). The sandals is a hand made sandals and every pair comes with its unique symbol which connotes a certaian meaning. Now everyone can wear Ahenema, however, the once for royalty is made differently and special from that of the masses. Ahenema best compliments Kente( a woven traditional fabric). Ahenema comes in a variety of colors and design and adds some prestige to one’s appearance.



The second item is the African beads. The beads is also mostly worn by royalty during cultural gatherings or as an everyday look. It can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or anklet. The beads is like the icing on the cake in our traditional regalia. Beads come in different shapes, sizes and colors and designs.

photo credits: hermannpictures(@hermannpictures), @motionpix233

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