Growing up, I had a lot of ideas and aspirations because I am a creative person and I no longer fancied working in a strict office setting. I wanted freedom to be myself and have no one order me around.

I was under the impression that it was better and easier to work in a team than go solo but it was not the case. Everytime I started a venture with others, something always went wrong at a point, from disagreements to ego clashes and none of those ventures are where I want them to be now.

I am a bit shy to some extent and I guess that is why I always wanted to try new things with my friends because I loose consciousness of my shy persona when I am around them and do whatever needs to be done.

Recently, however, I realised it is better for me to go solo. In as much as two heads are better than one, one head with determination and persistence can achieve more than two heads that are not on the same page. Although I may take a longer time to get to my destination, I am not bothered much because now I can work at my own pace and challenge myself to be better than who I was yesterday.

My going solo does not mean am against team work. I think working in a team is great and comes with a lot of up’s and down’s, funtime and memories, however, I want to be able to say I did this or that on my own and it payed off. Even if I fail at it I know I have only me to blame and that in itself is motivation for me to learn and grow.

Some of the greatest and richest people in the world made their dreams known to those around them but they did not get the support they needed and I don’t think I will be an exception.

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