Mysteries all around,
On a daily basis; unexplained 
Except those explained by religion
and science.
Regardless, they still are mysteries.
Never can you understand life fully.

This life,the life we live is nothing 
but a mystery.
Our very existence, too many questions
About it.
We appear by birth and disappear by
Not knowing where we were before birth
and where we go after death.

Mysteries, mind games and gimmicks.
We all wander at some point in time
why things happen the way they do.
Regardless of the answer you get,
Relentless you still are because it
doesn't make much sense.
Obviously, that is what makes it a
Reflections of the past, present occurrences, 
future expectations; stages of mysteries.

Life mysteries, a puzzle yet to be solved.
Everyone plays their part by putting
their pieces together.
But no-one has yet fixed all the pieces.
We begin by doing our part, for others to 
The thought of the unknown is bitter sweet.
However, must still be swallowed.
Playing our role on a big screen without
a script with the greatest mystery being
the end of the story. 

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