Today’s post is captioned chemistry but really has nothing to do with science, far from it. I could not have chosen a better time to talk about this than today since it’s valentines day.

I have come to realise a rather strange habit by young folks these days especially guys; they assume and impute rather than be realistic. Young people of opposite genders who are friends clearly have some sort of chemistry between them but do not have the guts to take it a step further and it really is not a must because chemistry to some extent is just a vibe or fluke in my opinion, it does not last.

This is where I have a problem, that fact that you have fun and get along well with a friend or acquintance does not mean you should assume that you are in a relationship with them and begin to make certain demands from them. That is just absurd! If we all decide to be making assumptions based on chemistry then we might be dating 101 people at a go. Crazy, right?

To my young folks out there, there is more to a relationship than just chemistry and good vibes. Chemistry is a means to and end but not an end in itself. If you think you like someone, have the balls to let them know and quit assuming because your assuptions may end up disssappionting you, the one with the balls will make their intentions clear from the get go.

February is said to be the month of love, and today is vals day. The atmophere is set for you. Life is a game of chances and uncertainty, if you are afraid of rejection then you can never grow or learn, put your fears aside and make that move if you think it is worth it. A no is just that, no, it does not kill but can only make you stronger. What are you waiting for?

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