There is a journey before me,
Trying to leave my past behind.
I have a dream,
And only I can see the end.
There is a burden on my heart,
And the weight thereof, only I know.
There is indeed light at the end of
the tunnel,but the darkness in the 
tunnel dims my eyes from seeing the
light, warring me and compelling me 
to throw in the towel.
I will win, I will rise.
I will overcome, I will conquer.
The tides maybe against me,
The wind will try to blow me away,
But I will stand tall,
I will rise.
I refuse to be defeated.
I won't go down without a fight.
I will not be forgotten so easily.
Throw me lemons and I will make
Give me ten reasons why I can't and 
I will give a hundred reasons why
it is possible.
I will fall, but surely I will rise.
Tell me no, and all I hear is yes, 
yes, yes.
I am a conqueror.
Whatever may come may way,
Obstacles or turbulence,
Rain or shine,
I will soar, I will rise.
I am a conqueror.
Do you want to use my weakness 
against me?
In my weakness I am strongest.
I will cry but after I wipe the 
last tear,
I will rise, I will roar, 
I will soar.
I am a conqueror.



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