I always salivate when I write about food, and today I will be talking about one of my favorite foods. I love beans so much and a lot of people love it too.

Beans, popularly known as Red Red or Ewa in Ghana and Nigeria respectively is a common food in the diaspora and it is very affordable too.

Beans can  be complimented with gari,bread,rice but most especially fried plantain. When it comes to the preparation of beans, there is no straight jacket method for that. It can be prepared in a variety of ways hence my confusion on which method to  write about.

Beans is a very good source of protein and because of that we Africans hardly add other sources of protein like fish or egg to it  but ther is no strict rule, is per your discretion.


The raw beans in itself comes in a variety, there is white, red, brown and others. These are just classifications per the color but that is not their biological names.

We Africans love our beans and whether it is beans stew, beans and palm oil or beans in waakye, beans will never fail you. It is never out of season.

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