Marriage is for a lifetime and in as much as good looks, a promising career and love are important factors to consider in a life partner, these things do not sustain a marriage.

Before I say I do, I need to be comfortable around and with my partner; someone I can tell anything to, even my darkest secrets. I have to be saying I do to someone I consider a friend, someone who knows my flaws and still got my back.

Trust is an important foundation in any relationship and before I say I do, I should be able to trust you, although not completely but atleast eighty percent. Communication is equally important. I don’t think I will say I do to someone who doesn’t talk about issues or open up about their feelings. That is just shady.

A lot of people run away from arguments in a relationship and I just don’t get it. This is how I see argumants. Arguments are not fights and they totally are normal. It simply means you are for or against an issue, so why avoid an isue or debate. Arguments are inevitable in any relationship, disagreements and misunderstandings are bound to occur and if you are one that runs away from even the slightest confrontation then sorry am not saying I do.

At the moment, these are what i consider core and as time goes on my list might grow but the buttom line is I don’t need a perfect partner, I just need a committed partner before I say I do.

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