The scam that keeps on scamming

No one prepares you for this BS

Your life is to long days and very short nights

Merry doesn’t go round on this play ground

But your money does


Your life is as an obstacle course

They must have lied to us or brainwashed us

It really looked good from my infant eyes

Indeed all that glitters is not gold

Not the life I signed up for

If I said, “I do” to this BS…………..

I want a divorce.

Let’s not have the talk on mental health

My mental is unhealthy.

It has amnesia

They said, ‘you will find out when you get older’.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Yes, I am Iron Man now.

You live the rest of your life as an adult

Cheers to long life

At this juncture, I pay tribute to my fatherland

Adulthood na scam

Adulthood na scam

To be a man nawa ooooo

To be a woman na die ooooo

Adulthood na scam

Thank you!


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