From the height to the ground

Heart palpitations

What is it that scares the most

The thought of the unknown or the facts that stares back

Now here is the challenge

To run or to stand your ground

If you choose to run, then which direction

Away from your fears or to it

Same energy, same speed, equal momentum

So head on, run to it

You either live or die but you will discover what has always been covered.

Running away lives you with the thoughts of what could have been.

To stand your ground, hopefully not in freight

But tactfully strategizing how to move this mountain or at least watch it crumble

Yeah! That would be great

Start from your mind,

Imagine all the possibilities and how you will feel

A champion, a warrior, a fighter

Let it sink in, let it stir up courage, let it energize you

Yes you can, yes you can

Yes I can,

Say to this mountain, get out of my way!

This is the only way home

You will not stop me


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