Your Power

We walk through life carrying pain and hurt that others have inflicted on us. We feel entitled to carry the hurt and pain, we own the pain and hurt like an asset. This is so wrong. It is an injustice to our mind, body and soul.

Whereas the people who inflicted this pain and hurt are going about their life guilt free, we relinquish our power by nursing the pain and hurt. We go as far as seeking sympathy from people, we want others to know we have been hurt and require a pity party.

Today, decide to know your power. You have the power to not be defined by that pain or hurt. You have the power to not hoard and nurture the pain but rather release it and set your soul free. You owe yourself happiness, peace, joy and these you can’t get from others or in feeling sorry for yourself.

Take back your power, do not let your pain hold you back from living in the moment, learn to let go of anything that disturbs your peace. Your peace should be your priority and cannot and should not be bargained for.

Breathe, exhale, release, detangle your mind and take back your power. Choose not to look like your pain, do not advertise it, choose peace, choose wellness and move on.


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