I can already hear my ancestors fuming.

Now hear me out, I was feeling a little cocky one evening and decided to chew on a chili pepper. RAW. Bad idea. At first, I felt nothing. Much like a WWE wrestler in the middle of a fight I called it too soon. And then I felt tingles, but NOT the good kind.

And then my TONGUE. It felt like my mouth was on fire. Water obviously made it worse and soon enough I began to feel the tingles in my head and then I found the milk. I chugged it down my throat (don’t tell my mom).

Who knew green Habanero chili peppers were so spicy? I thought I was African??

I will never assume I can handle anything hotter than pepper flakes because it was giving ICU. I think I should use this opportunity to applaud Lisa Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American YouTuber whose spice tolerance is kissed by the gods.

Now I wonder what would happen if I tried the Carolina Reaper. The names “reaper” and “ghost pepper” are not exaggerations at all. They will literally give you consistent heart attacks. No wonder the New Yorker who ate the Carolina reaper developed “thunderclap headaches” had to be rushed to the ER.

Also, I wonder if “thunderclap headaches” is used metaphorically here…

Nessa ❤️


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