You seem to be the only option left,
The only one that makes sense,
Right here, right now,
This minute, this very second,
There is no way out of this one,
Not this time,
It all comes to an end, today.

Today it ends.
In a few minutes I draw my last breathe.
All the pain will end.
Nothing more to loose.
No more disappointments.
Nothing more to fight for.
This life is not worth living.
And I can’t breathe!

You will live again.
No, that can’t be true. I have lost everything.
You will smile again.
But I don’t see how.
You just have to take it a day at a time.
I don’t have the strength to.
Trust me it gets better.
It does?
Yes, it does get better.

The pain you feel now,
The hurt; whatever it is,
The burden eases with each passing day.
You are stronger than you think.
This is nothing.
You have been through worse.
This may be what you need to get you to where you ought to be,
But you won’t find out if you end it here.
You must want a happy ending.
You must fight this urge.
It gets better, baby.
It really does.


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