The best birthday gift

Let’s call it an early birthday in Kwahu. Woow, I’m sure you are all familiar with Easter in Kwahu. Yes, and guess who was there this year? Me!!!!! To make this short, I will share my experience of camping for the first time and, oh, travelling with a group. In subsequent blogs, I will share the various tourist sites I visited.

Kwahu is noted for its mountainous and hilly topography and is popular as the ultimate destination for Easter in Ghana.

One notable town which cannot be left unmentioned is Abetifi-Kwahu. Owura Yaw Addo, a native of the town, distinguished himself as an international artist and lecturer in Germany. After several years of service to the German society, he resolved to return with his God-given artistic talent and experience gathered for so many years, to develop century-old debris and an abandoned place of convenience sited on his grandparent’s family land, into an ultra modern nature park called Abetifi Stone Age Park.

Attached are pictures of the park at night and also during the day. It is such a beautiful place. Mr. Addo has a workshop where he is making statues and other artifacts that he hopes, when placed in the park, will help others properly understand the way of life in the area several decades ago.

I was hoping to attach prices of hotels in the area and transportation costs to the place and back, but I couldn’t get that unfortunately.

Camping for the first time was fun, and the people I went with were strangers, but very friendly and lovely. For the two days, it felt like family, and the tent was super comfortable. If you ever want to try tent camping, do not forget to get a safe place, and also one with washrooms. You will definitely need some blankets as well.

Happy birthday to me. I can say I’m in a good place. Obviously, this is not where I want to be, but God has been good and I am excited about what the future holds. I hope to encourage others to see nature and, most importantly, see Ghana. 

Will you ever gift yourself a trip as a birthday present? Before I forget, I managed to give Asa her first trip outside Accra because she came along, and she is looking forward to many more. I just need more money ☺☺☺😂😂😂

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