Momma’s Love

nothing like waking up to momma’s cooking, (never mind though I’m a ganiyen, whose cooking are you waking up to?)

the clothes she would take off her back for you and she would,

she would take your tears and let them fall down her own face if she could,

nothing like momma’s love,

and oh! you know her recipes are the best!

love in every dish like only she knew how,

that groundnut soup hitting every which way possible,

momma’s love,

breaks her back and you wonder how she does it,

look at her and wonder if she’ll be around long enough to see you make it,

but she’s already told you she’s proud of you,

but you see the pain in her eyes, she won’t let go,

a momma’s love is too profound to comprehend, cliché yes, but true,

momma’s love will always be like a cold drink on a very sunny day,

momma’s love

Nessa ❤️

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