The woman that pushed me

She buys me tons of sugar and then complains that I eat too much sugar. Mother.
It’s either her way or no way.
Does it really matter how the food is prepared?
What matters is, it taste great when it’s cooked but oh no!
You should have added this before that, she would yell.
Don’t wear that, it’s an old fashioned style.
Well, I am retro chic thank you very much.
No make up to work? A little gloss here, a little powder there and highlight your eyebrows.
Well, mother I love you but I think I love my face more.
Is it just mine or every mother is like that? In your business.
Why do you still carry a bag pack, you are a young lady.
Well carrying a hand bag will mean I have to carry two more bags, a laptop bag and a lunch bag.
And the evergreen who are you dating question. The answer is always Jesus.
You would think being a 20 something year old adult you have the liberty to live your life as you please.
But no, the woman that pushed me.

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