Coat My Sugar

Like warm milk his words were soothing,

They were booby traps exemplified,

He was a true gentleman,

His smile would have her emotions cascading over each other and then in a split second,

His words would lash,

His anger berating, his mouth spewing poison and blood intertwined,

Becoming a man was the worst thing to happen to him yet, because it gave him an unsettling power, one only God could wield and behold and please,

Don’t think it struck his fancy, he shrugs and calls it a flaw, he says to deal with it,

Because she has hers too,

So when she cried for hours in her prayer closet, she did all but look inside herself,

The mirror in her purse only held a reflection of who she wished she would become,

His wife,

How did she forget so quickly?

Love your wife as Christ loved the Church?

To align yourself under God as your wife aligns herself under you?

Until then they were only caricatures and antagonists in their writers’ manuscript…

Nessa 💜

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