Thick Skin, Thin Skin.

Built for this is what she said. “Why should I have to cry and show all of my feelings?” Is what he said. Declared his emotions free and then with a pounding heart, waited for society to rain down on his parade, Little did he know that, on the right side of his cold-hearted emotions, There would be standing, the girl who claimed she was built for this, Two broken, glass windows, stained from the society that prepared them, Those cold shoulders send a shiver down his spine, When he realizes how selfish he’s been, Running away from everything that he was supposed to run to, She lacked grace, femininity, she wasn’t perfect, But neither was he, Implacable was fear’s rage when it found out all it needed to do was start a thread of lies and spread them thin on every single flaw, Tear down affirmations and build up insecurities of every kind, Thinking it was okay,

And then,


Nessa ~❤️

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