In the End……

Life is strange, unpredictable, funny, sometimes it all feels like a game. Ever wondered what you were doing in your mother’s womb for a solid 9 months? How did you survive that? I mean science tries, oh yes it does but I still don’t get it. Do you get it? Help me out here.

Out of all the men and women that could have been my parents, it had to be the people I call mom and dad. Why them? I don’t know if it is just plain curiosity or my ever wandering mind but I like to know. It baffles me and then scares me all at the same time.

We can explain how the plane is able to fly and how the ship can float on water but how we got here is still a puzzle for me. Why do we love the people we love? Why do we love those that hurt us? How do we feel so much pain and then forget exactly how the pain felt? How do scars heal? I know the old tissue dies and new ones form, I get that but I guess that’s not what I want to hear. Is life one big stunt or is someone somewhere having a big laugh?We must really look silly thinking we have all these figured out.

How do you mourn a loved one that has passed on and slowly their image and memories fade. You try so hard not to forget them, staring at their pictures hoping your mind never forgets. What’s there on the other side of this life? The path our lives take. The choices we make. Are they really choices or are we following a script? The only truth I know and for which I go through life, is that in the end it will all make sense.

Why is the night called night and why does the sun come out in the morning? How are we able to sleep, where do we go and what or who wakes us up? Oh some don’t wake up, why? We see their bodies, lying lifeless but where exactly did they go? Can they see us? Clearly we can’t!

Once a baby, helpless and clueless then you start to walk, talk, from liquids to solids we grow, we go living our lives, chasing our dreams, make tons of mistakes but as we grow, we age, we depreciate. We get weak, old and grey. Is that all there is? I say, in the end it will all make sense.

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