As but yet a clot of blood🩸 , in my mother’s womb you conceived me.
Before conception you knew me. 
And before knowing me, you had predestined me. 
Not some mistake. 
Not a product of a one night encounter. 
But Fearfully made intentionally.

I know who I am. 
I am who you say I am. 
Deliberately made wonderful. 
Proudly yours. 
Made in God’s image. 
Certified by the Kingdom.

With your hands you mould me. 
In your hands you carry me. 
By your hands you lead me. 
From your hands you teach me. 
And with your hands you keep me. 
I am loved 🧡.

You have called me but not just so. 
You have chosen me. 
A divine vessel you have made me. 
Gifts you have bestowed me. 
Your true masterpiece. 
Perfect and set apart for your glory. Wonderfully made, a child of the king 👑.

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