The silence of a mother,

She cannot grumble when it’s getting hard,

A tough exterior is all she will need to fight the tears to clear two visions,

One is her eyes and the other vision,

Is the one that shows her what her children will become,

The silence of a father, he can’t complain when it’s getting hard,

The bills stacked on the table,

The hills he’ll have to climb and swear not to look back,

One day, the meals they’ll have will leave him wondering if they’ll ever satisfy his deep hunger for acknowledgement,

If the peals of laughter will ever fill his home again,



Again and again, Father and Mother will be seated at the dinner table after a hard day’s work with only left-overs of their pride to ask you, “How was your day? Really? How was it?”

The tension is thick, the children will know to leave, again,



Nessa ~❤️

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